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The Power of Illustration in Digital Design

Three reasons why using illustration in web design and digital campaigns is a more engaging experience for your target audience.

Why use illustration in web design?

We’ve been seeing the trend that more and more illustrations, instead of stock imagery, are being used in web design. The reason for this? Simply put, illustrations allow you to convey your ideas and your brand in a unique and enticing manner. Here are some examples: Read more

Successful Branding By Design

Love the brand

When it comes to creating a brand, most businesses think they have it covered. They’ve hired a designer to create a logo that represents their company and voila it’s posted to their website or outside their brick and mortar. But with just a logo, your audience — your customer base — is only getting a fraction of your story. Understanding the importance of branding and its facets is a vital step towards crafting a memorable, worthwhile product or service.

Distinguishing how a logo and a brand differ is simple. A logo identifies a business in its simplest form via the use of a mark or an icon. A logo may take a few months to develop, whereas a company’s brand is a little trickier. The brand is the perceived visual and emotional collective response to things like your logo, your advertising strategies, your printed and digital materials and your brand voice.

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Creating the Right Mobile Interface

Creating a clean and simple mobile interface — we know it’s not easy but it’s something we aim to do with each and every new mobile project we take on. We love the experience of creating sleek IA/UX and design for mobile apps, responsive websites, and, well, all things mobile!

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Video Shoots: Time To See It Through

Part Three: The Consensus Approach on Post-Production

For the third (and final) post in this series on product video shoots, we thought it was only fitting to break our key post-production ideologies into three parts. We’ve found post-production to be one of the most challenging and interesting points of the video shoot process. One minute you’re engaged in the live action on set watching the scripts unfold before your eyes. The next, you’re behind a desk waiting for the next cut. The difference in velocity between the pre and post worlds can be a bit jarring, but we’ve landed on a process that works for us, and for our clients.

When it comes to post-production, we’ve found the following practices to be the most effective to ensure a successful product video. One, let the director be the director. Two, make the most out of internal reviews; and three, get the most out of each video.

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Video Shoots: Roll Cameras, Roll

Consensus on set for the product video shoot.

“Let’s do one more”.

A collective laugh breaks out on set, drowning out a few distinct groans. It’s been a long day. No matter how many video shoots you’re lucky enough to be a part of, they are just long days. The time, effort and scope of these projects are what make them some of the most challenging things we do. It’s also what makes the process (and experience) so rewarding in the end.

But let’s take a step back: 24 hours earlier.

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