How Our Design-Led Approach Drives Business Outcomes

The average internet user sees upwards to 5,000 ads a day. In this busy digital age, design can be the deciding factor in customer decisions and, ultimately, conversions.
“Design isn’t just about beauty; it’s about market relevance and meaningful results.”
John Maeda

A recent survey found that design-led agencies are more strategic in their thinking and hold ideas of emotion, research, and an open fostering of “a good idea can come from anywhere,” in a much higher regard than non-design-led agencies.

At Consensus, our creative team jumpstarts every project or campaign, laying out the vision for the experience from the very beginning, generating ideas, providing direction, and sculpting the ultimate customer experience across each specified channel or the omnichannel.

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3 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Digital Experience for Maximum ROI

digital experience investments for ROIOr, how to spend your remaining Q4 budget to set yourself up for success in 2018

Creating digital experiences that convert is what we do here at Consensus. There are 4.93 billion web pages — that’s a lot of content. And you can bet only a small fraction of that content is properly optimized for search, nevermind optimized to convert.

As you look toward setting yourself up for success in 2018 with strong year-end investments, here are three digital initiatives that are rich in “bang for your buck” potential.

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4 Content Marketing Investments You Need to Make in Q4

Infographics drive lead generationThe best content marketing assets you can invest in to maximize your ROI in 2018.

We’re embracing red wine and cashmere season here at Consensus. We’re also embracing the beginning of Q4 and our many clients who are looking for ways to “use it or lose it “—their year-end budgets, that is.

For us, 2017 has been the year of Content Marketing. We conceived and created a lot of fabulous infographics, social animations, case studies and thought leadership content for our clients.

And then we watched all that smart content convert into leads.

So, if you’re thinking about how you can spend the rest of your 2017 budget, we’ve got some ideas:

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Improving the Healthcare Experience

Digital experiences for healthcare clientsWe’re passionate about producing results for our healthcare clients.

At Consensus, we get that every “prospective patient” is really a scared mom, worried daughter, or a sick patient. They’re trying to learn everything they can during a difficult time – which means they need answers they can trust quickly.

Creating smart digital experiences is what we do best, and for the past 6 years we’ve done this time and time again for our healthcare clients, with great results.

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Get Healthy – One Keystroke at a Time

 Building the World’s Fastest Doctor Finder

Imagine you are challenged with building the world’s most amazing doctor finder. Where would you begin? The user experience studying users’ habits, relevancy and search patterns? Data architecture and choosing a mongo database (show me your super cache)? Traversing the ether for the “best” search technology? How about all of the above?

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Lifespan Health System: A Digital Strategy to Support a Growing Hospital System

How we created a successful digital strategy for a hospital system, merging its network of websites into one coherent, empowering experience to drive patient volume and brand trust.

When it comes to picking a hospital, 77% of patients use search engines prior to booking an appointment. And before they convert, patients will typically search on symptoms and condition terms.

As the healthcare industry experiences more consolidation between healthcare and providers, creating streamlined digital experiences that satisfy patients’ expectations is a growing challenge for marketers who count on their website to drive patient volume.

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What Marketers Need to Know About the New HTTPS Requirements

As Google looks to protect all form data with its new HTTPS alert, 3 steps marketers need to take to ensure conversions.

When it comes to convincing potential customers to give you their personal information, there are a whole host of best practices to improve conversion. However, in today’s age of information security, if a user does not feel like their information will be kept safe, you could probably offer them a free car and they still wouldn’t give you their email address.

Trust is a key factor in the process of converting leads, and with a new public data breach happening what seems like every month, people are more cautious than ever about protecting their personal information. This is especially notable given Google’s announcement that websites that do not make use of HTTPS protocol will be marked as “Not Secure” in Chrome.

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The Summer of Interns

A nod to our 2017 summer interns.

This summer we’ve been lucky to have 3 interns here in the office — they’ve been excellent additions to our team, supporting our work in Decision Sciences, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing and Sales. We thought they did a great job, but we took a risk and asked them about their experiences with us.

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Driving to Conversion: Designing Exceptional Landing Pages

Every aspect of your landing page design should support the path to conversion.

When we design a content marketing campaign, we sometimes start by designing the landing page experience. Sure, an outstanding ad campaign will drive folks to the landing page — but once they get there, we really want them to convert to a lead.

Our head of decision sciences likes to repeat this stat to our sometimes-verbose team of copywriters as they write landing page copy: 2% of the people who land on a landing page will fill out the form.

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User Story Workshops

Successful online experiences enable users (i.e. customers, site visitors, etc.) to accomplish their goals. But oftentimes, in the design process, keeping users’ goals top-of-mind is no easy task.

To overcome this hurdle there is a simple yet effective exercise that ends with what we call a User Story Index. By the name alone you can derive two important facts about the exercise: it is about users (or site visitors) and what they want to accomplish when visiting a Website.

To create a User Story Index with our clients, we begin with a User Story Workshop to gain agreement on:
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