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Headless CMS – The Ultimate Cross-Platform Solution

A Headless CMS is a back-end-only content management system where the content is stored and delivered through an API without a default front-end system or presentation layer.

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Turning Market Intelligence into an Optimized Web Experience

When Education Week wanted to transform its digital presence, Consensus was tasked to develop a digital strategy that would elevate its content capabilities, greatly enhance the user experience and help drive its mixed revenue model. The key to any successful Digital Strategy is knowing (and weighting) an audience, understanding a client’s business goals, and combining..

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The Headless CMS: Our Story

With the goal of driving sales efforts, our client asked Consensus to develop an application that would empower their sales force to compare pricing and services against their competition in real-time, at the point of sale. Our teams partnered to strategize, design, and develop this new application, centered around a headless approach.

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