Integrated Research + Strategies

Digital Strategy

Consensus Interactive’s research methods helps our clients better understand audience motivators, behaviors, and perceptions which enables us to craft creative experiences that drive results.


Primary Research (Stakeholders Interviews)

Survey internal and external stakeholders on current and proposed interactive initiatives. This consists of onsite and/or teleconference strategy sessions to understand statement of business value for the company (short term, medium term, long term). This includes business strategy, audience insights, brand architecture and sales process.


Primary Research (Users)

Survey audience via site survey or web intercept form, interpret and summarize results.

Category, Best-In-Class, Environmental Assessment

Digital activity is analyzed to better understand industry trends and best practices in communicating to target audience.

Secondary Research

Consensus will review available secondary research sources. This involves a technographic review and social listening to understand the summary of existing client/audience research and other public sources such as research from firms like Forrester Research, Yankee Group, etc.

Analytics Review

For each engagement, we have a unique set of challenges to overcome, and knowing where to look and what to look for is half the battle. A review of your site’s current traffic with an emphasis on visitor trends, traffic sources, content review, goals (including conversions), search and campaign tracking. This activity also includes evaluation of all related social media properties related to your business.


Consensus Interactive will work with your subject matter experts to map out the various customer benefits unique to you that can be leveraged to enhance the user experience on the new website.

A questionnaire will be provided to guide you through this process. The result of this session is to determine perception of customer challenges and pain points, which will enable Consensus Interactive to address the following questions:

Goals: What are the quantifiable and measurable metrics your organization will use to agree on success?

Position: How do you want customers to perceive you?

Engagement: How would you like your customer to interact with your brand

Audience: Who is your target market and audience?

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