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Red Thread's Workplace Transformation Pricing Tool: A Digital Revolution

In the rapidly evolving sphere of workplace design, Red Thread stands as a beacon of innovation. But with the dawn of digital transformation, Red Thread sought to further cement its reputation as a trailblazer by unveiling a state-of-the-art web app: The Workplace Transformation Pricing Tool.

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Project Details

This case study delves into the intricacies of the project, shedding light on how a harmonized approach involving digital strategy, user experience design, headless CMS, and Drupal 9, yielded a tool that redefined industry standards.




Red Thread identified a gap in the market: clients needed a transparent, user-friendly tool that would demystify workplace transformation costs. With the goal set, the journey began to create a web app that would meet this need and surpass expectations.

The launch of the Workplace Transformation Pricing Tool marked a pivotal moment for Red Thread. Feedback poured in, lauding the tool’s ease of use, transparency, and the control it handed back to the users. Businesses could now clearly navigate the often murky waters of workplace transformation pricing, armed with data and insights provided by the tool.

Phase 1: Charting the Path – Digital Strategy

Red Thread’s vision was clear: to empower clients. The digital strategy was thus built around providing value and ensuring the user’s every need was anticipated and met.

Key Strategy Points:

User-Centric Design: The primary users were identified, and user journeys were mapped out to ensure a frictionless experience.
Transparency: Clients needed clear, detailed breakdowns of costs. The strategy prioritized this, aiming to make the pricing process as transparent as possible.

A digital blueprint that acted as the North Star for the entire project, ensuring all efforts were aligned with user needs and Red Thread’s vision.

Phase 2: Crafting the Experience – User Experience Design

At the heart of the project was the user. Recognizing the varied clientele Red Thread catered to, user experience design became pivotal.


• Intuitive Navigation: Users could journey through the tool effortlessly, with each step logically leading to the next.
• Interactive Elements: Dynamic sliders, dropdowns, and calculators ensured users could customize their inputs and immediately see the impact on pricing.

A tool that not only served its primary purpose but provided users with an immersive, engaging, and enlightening experience.

Phase 3: Backend Powerhouse – Headless CMS & Drupal 9

The decision was made to employ a headless CMS coupled with Drupal 9 to ensure the front-end magic was supported by robust backend power.

Benefits of the Headless CMS:

• Flexibility: Red Thread could update the pricing tool’s content without affecting the user-facing side.
• Security & Scalability: A headless approach minimized vulnerabilities and allowed for easy scaling as the tool’s popularity grew.

Why Drupal 9?

• Modular Structure: Drupal 9’s extendable nature allowed for bespoke modifications tailored to Red Thread’s unique needs.
• SEO Capabilities: As Red Thread aimed to increase the tool’s visibility, Drupal 9’s SEO-friendly features became invaluable.
• Community Support: With a vast community of developers, any challenges faced had a reservoir of knowledge to tap into.

A dynamic, secure, and efficient web app that combined the strengths of a headless CMS with the versatility of Drupal 9.

Beyond fulfilling its primary objective, the tool became a beacon of Red Thread’s commitment to innovation and client empowerment. By harmoniously weaving together a clear digital strategy, meticulous user experience design, the efficiency of a headless CMS, and the power of Drupal 9, Red Thread showcased the potential of digital tools in revolutionizing industry landscapes.

Today, as businesses across the spectrum flock to the tool, it stands as a testament to the vision of Red Thread and the transformative power of digital innovation. Red Thread has stitched a golden thread in the vast tapestry of workplace design and transformation, guiding businesses towards informed, impactful decisions.

Consensus exceeded our expectations with their innovative web design approach. Their blend of creativity and professionalism brought our vision to life, enhancing our online presence. A truly dedicated team, they're a gem in the digital design landscape. Highly recommended!

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