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Consensus - Boston Digital Agency
  • Client: Red Thread
  • Project Type: Office Transformation Tool
  • Services: Strategy, UX, Technology
  • Technologies: Drupal 8, React

Workplace Transformation Tool

Red Thread, the leader in creating work environments that support productive, engaged employees through furniture integration, architectural products and audiovisual technology, came to Consensus Interactive with a bold vision. The plan? To launch an entirely new workplace transformation pricing tool using best-in-breed web technologies. The new application platform would utilize Drupal 9’s API technology and combine the power of React delivering dynamic floor plan renderings and high-impact interactive pieces developed specifically for web and mobile devices.

The team focused on architecting and developing a set of custom rendering and pricing capabilities appropriate for a forward-thinking organization, allowing editors to create a combination of floor plans and pricing models based on a specific office environment or price range – additional features include:

  • Appropriate user levels supporting users, sales teams and admins
  • Dynamic space visualizer allowing a user to render by environment or price
  • Budget and pricing tool that allows for summary and itemized views specific to an organization’s needs
  • Project examples with associated architectures
  • Detailed project renderings filtered by environment and price
  • Dynamic PDF report creation
  • Components leveraging third-party integration points for interactivity
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