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Endicott College

In the heart of Massachusetts lies Endicott College, an institution rich in history, academic excellence, and architectural marvels. As the digital era dawned, the college sought to showcase its campus to a global audience, particularly to potential students and faculty unable to visit in person.

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Project Details

Create an immersive experience that captured the spirit and beauty of the college grounds. Enter the revolutionary Web App Virtual Tour Project.

Endicott College Virtual Tour: A Pioneering Web App Experience


The Web App Virtual Tour Project for Endicott College was not just a digital endeavor but a bridge connecting global audiences to the heart of the institution. The essence of Endicott College was beautifully encapsulated through immersive 360 photography, an intuitive web app design, the agility of a headless CMS, and effective wayfinding.

Primary Objective

Develop a seamless web app offering a virtual tour of Endicott College, ensuring an immersive user experience through 360 photography, intuitive web app design, a robust headless CMS for easy content management, and effective wayfinding to guide users throughout the tour.

Phase 1: Capturing the Essence – 360 Photography

The foundational element of the project was the visual content. Using 360-degree photography, our team meticulously captured every nook and cranny of the college—from historic lecture halls and bustling cafeterias to serene library corners and sprawling sports fields.


High-resolution panoramic images offered viewers a holistic visual experience, virtually transporting them to the heart of Endicott College. The dynamic viewpoints ensured users didn’t miss a single detail, from the architectural nuances to the lush green landscapes.


Phase 2: Crafting the Experience – Web App Design


With the visuals ready, the next challenge was designing an interface that was both intuitive and engaging. The web app design prioritized:

User Engagement: Interactive hotspots provided additional information, be it video testimonials from students, historic facts, or details about academic programs.
Mobile Responsiveness: Recognizing the surge in mobile users, the design ensured a seamless experience across devices, from desktops to smartphones.

A fluid, user-centric design that made navigation a breeze. Users could effortlessly jump between locations, delve deeper into areas of interest, and truly feel the vibrancy of the college atmosphere.

Phase 3: Powering the Backend – Headless CMS

To ensure that the content remained fresh and the college could easily update the tour with new developments, a headless CMS (Content Management System) was integrated. This approach separated the front end (the web app interface) from the backend content repository.


Flexibility – the college could update images, videos, or information without any impact on the web app design.

Speed – With the front end decoupled from the backend, content delivery was faster, ensuring users experienced minimal load times.

Scalability – The tour could easily be expanded without a complete overhaul as the college grew and added new facilities or underwent renovations.

Endicott College had a future-proof platform, ensuring the virtual tour remained relevant, up-to-date, and agile.

Phase 4: Guiding the Journey – Wayfinding

The sheer expanse of the college made navigation a potential challenge. An effective wayfinding system was incorporated to ensure users didn’t get lost or miss out on key attractions.


Interactive Maps: Users could get a bird’s eye view of the campus and choose where they wanted to explore.
Breadcrumb Navigation: As users ventured deeper into specific sections, they could easily trace back their journey or jump to different sections.
Highlighted Routes: For users unsure where to begin, curated routes—like ‘Historic Landmarks’, ‘Academic Hubs’, or ‘Recreational Spots’—offered guided tours.

The wayfinding tools ensured that users had a structured yet exploratory experience, ensuring they could chart their own journey or follow guided pathways.

Today, potential students, curious alumni, and interested faculty from across the world can virtually walk the corridors, feel the academic fervor, and envision their place in the rich tapestry of Endicott College. The project is a testament to the power of digital innovation in education and the limitless boundaries of virtual exploration.


Great Web Team

Working with Consensus was a game-changer. Their expertise in web app development transformed our vision into a seamless digital experience. Their attention to detail and innovative solutions have set them apart. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a virtual tour solution.

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