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Enthought.com Web Design Project: Scientific Computing’s Digital Vanguard

Amidst the burgeoning landscape of scientific computing, a powerful online presence is indispensable. For Enthought.com, renowned for its expertise in scientific and analytic computing, this challenge was twofold: establishing an authoritative digital brand and ensuring an impeccable user experience.

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Project Details

This case study takes a deep dive into Enthought.com's ambitious web redesign project, weaving together the essence of brand, user experience design, the dynamism of WordPress, and a robust content management system.

Enthought Academy - Web Design and Digital Transformation



Enthought.com has been at the forefront of scientific computing solutions. Enthought recognized the need for a website matching its top-tier services and expertise as the industry grew more competitive and digitally inclined.

Phase 1: Crafting a Scientific Digital Brand

In the realm of scientific computing, a brand needs to resonate with precision, innovation, and trust.

Branding Milestones:

Identity Revamp: The logo and brand motifs were refined, reflecting Enthought’s scientific excellence and innovation ethos.
Scientific Palette: A color palette echoing the nuances of computing, intertwined with shades inducing trust, was introduced.
A coherent digital brand guideline ensuring that every pixel on the website reflected Enthought’s mission and vision.

Phase 2: User Experience Design – Orchestrating Seamless Journeys

For a domain as intricate as scientific computing, the challenge was to ensure simplicity and clarity in user navigation.

UX Cornerstones:

• Hierarchical Layouts: Prioritizing information and services, ensuring users quickly find what they seek.
• Responsiveness: Catering to users across devices, from desktops to mobiles.
• Interactivity: Incorporating elements like live chat and feedback forms to foster user engagement.

A user-centric design blueprint that promised and delivered a smooth navigation experience, irrespective of the user’s expertise level.

Phase 3: Powering with WordPress

WordPress was the logical choice given the dynamic nature of Enthought’s offerings and the need for a platform allowing easy updates.

WordPress Essentials:

• Custom Themes: Tailored themes that resonated with the brand and championed functionality.
• Adaptive Plugins: Enhancing the site’s features, from interactive scientific blogs to client login portals.

Phase 4: Streamlining with a Content Management System (CMS)

With a repository of scientific insights, software updates, and industry news, Enthought needed an efficient system for content delivery.

CMS Highlights:

Flawless Integration with WordPress: Bridging content and design without hitches.
Dynamic Content Delivery: Enabling real-time updates, pivotal in the ever-evolving landscape of scientific computing.
Content Structuring: Harnessing tools for efficiently categorizing and archiving vast content pools.

A dynamic website, constantly updated, reflecting Enthought’s position at the scientific computing vanguard.

The digital metamorphosis of Enthought.com was not just about a visual overhaul. It was the creation of a platform that stood as a beacon in the realm of scientific computing. A website where visitors, be it industry veterans or budding enthusiasts, could sense the brand’s commitment to precision, innovation, and reliability from the very first click.

The brand elements, meticulously crafted, set the stage. Every color, typeface, and motif echoed Enthought’s scientific prowess. This was beautifully complemented by the user experience design, which, while maintaining aesthetic brilliance, ensured that users navigated the website with ease and efficiency.

Yet, the heart that kept this digital entity pulsating was the amalgamation of WordPress and the content management system. Their seamless integration ensured that while users were treated to a visual spectacle on the front end, the back end was a hub of efficiency, agility, and dynamism.


Working with this web design company was transformative! Their expertise, creativity, and dedication led to a stellar website that's both beautiful and functional. A truly exceptional team delivering unparalleled results. Highly recommend!


Academy instructors are scientists and engineers who have a deep understanding of the latest computing techniques and the challenges of scientific data. Unlike the common one-size-fits-all learning platforms with pre-recorded videos, Consensus Interactive was charged to deliver a Web solution that displayed Enthought Academy tracks and classes that are taught live with tailored instruction.


Consensus Interactive’s information architecture team delivered on a number of fronts. Utilizing an atomic approach and best-in-class software (Figma and Notism), Consensus Interactive delivered navigational models, wireframes and a robust content strategy.


Our interaction design process is an iterative collaboration that delivers the right user experience for our clients and their user. Our process begins with client in-take sessions so we can gain a clear picture of the users and their goals. For Enthought, Consensus Interactive delivered a complete training experience including a new logo, catalog, and checkout experience.


Consensus Technology team chose WordPress and WP Engine as perfect solutions to Enthought’s needs. The users can experience multiple interfaces while the content administrators work from a single administration panel.

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