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Enthought Academy

Introducing Enthought Academy

For over 20 years, Enthought has provided science-driven companies with holistic digital solutions that transform people, processes, and technology. During that time they have trained over 10,000 scientists and engineers to harness the power of scientific Python in their research.

Building on their expertise, we are proud to announce the opening of Enthought Academy, the most effective scientific Python curriculum for R&D professionals. With 10 core courses organized across four learning tracks, Enthought offers world-class instruction in machine learning, data analysis, tool making, and transformative leadership skills.

Project Roadmap
Digital Strategy
Academy instructors are scientists and engineers who have a deep understanding of the latest computing techniques and the challenges of scientific data. Unlike the common one-size-fits-all learning platforms with pre-recorded videos, Consensus Interactive was charged to deliver a Web solution that displayed Enthought Academy tracks and classes that are taught live with tailored instruction.
Information Architecure
Consensus Interactive’s information architecture team delivered on a number of fronts. Utilizing an atomic approach and best-in-class software (Figma and Notism), Consensus Interactive delivered navigational models, wireframes and a robust content strategy.
Interface Design
Our interaction design process is an iterative collaboration that delivers the right user experience for our clients and their user. Our process begins with client in-take sessions so we can gain a clear picture of the users and their goals. For Enthought, Consensus Interactive delivered a complete training experience including a new logo, catalog, and checkout experience.
Development - WordPress
Consensus Technology team chose WordPress and WP Engine as perfect solutions to Enthought’s needs. The users can experience multiple interfaces while the content administrators work from a single administration panel.
Date : 10.04.2022
Client : Flexcon
Status : Completed
URL : Enthought
Technologies : Wordpress
WP Engine
WP Facet
Services : Content Strategy
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