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The digital realm is vast and volatile, with businesses striving to cement their presence. For Finvi.com, a trailblazer in the financial domain, the imperative to resonate with its audience led them on a journey of web transformation.

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Project Details

Finvi.com isn’t just a name in the financial realm; it's a digital brand, setting benchmarks in user engagement and value delivery, one click at a time.

Finvi.com: Charting a Digital Odyssey


As Finvi.com emerged as an influential player in the financial landscape, there was an acute realization: their web presence needed an overhaul. Their existing website, although functional, didn’t quite reflect the brand’s essence or cater to the evolving needs of its users.

Phase 1: Web Branding – Crafting a Distinct Digital Identity

Every great web journey begins with a brand-centric foundation. For Finvi.com, it was pivotal to capture and convey its unique value proposition digitally.

Key Branding Elements:

• Identity: The logo, color palette, and typography were refined to better represent Finvi.com’s modern, trustworthy, and innovative spirit.
• Imagery & Graphics: Custom illustrations and images were developed, accentuating the brand’s commitment to making finance accessible and user-friendly.

A cohesive web branding guideline ensuring consistency and brand recall across all digital touchpoints.

Phase 2: User Experience Design – Orchestrating Seamless Journeys

In the financial world, clarity is key. Finvi.com’s website needed to mirror this clarity, ensuring users could effortlessly navigate and engage.

UX Principles Deployed:

• Intuitive Layouts: Distinct sections for services, insights, client testimonials, and more.
• Responsive Design: Ensuring that users enjoyed a seamless experience across devices.
• Feedback Mechanisms: Interactive forms and surveys to capture user sentiments and needs.

A user-centric design blueprint, ready to be brought to life on a digital canvas.

Phase 3: Harnessing the Power of WordPress

Why WordPress? Because for a brand like Finvi.com, scalability, flexibility, and efficiency were paramount.

WordPress Features Leveraged:

• Custom Theme Creation: Tailored to resonate with Finvi.com’s branding elements.
• Custom Plug-ins: Enhancing website functionality, from chatbots for instant user queries to financial calculators aiding user decision-making.
• Phase 4: Implementing a Robust Content Management System (CMS)

With a plethora of financial insights, news, and updates to be shared regularly, Finvi.com required a CMS that would simplify content updates without compromising on quality.

CMS Highlights:

Easy Integration with WordPress: Allowing for a seamless marriage of content and design.
Dynamic Content Updation: Empowering Finvi.com to maintain a live pulse on financial happenings and relay the same to their audience.
Organized Repository: Efficient categorization and archiving tools to manage a growing content library.
A website that was as dynamic and vibrant as the financial world it represented, allowing for swift content changes in real-time.

The unveiling of the revamped Finvi.com website was a landmark event. Internal and external stakeholders were introduced to a digital platform that was a true reflection of Finvi.com’s ethos and caliber.

The meticulous web branding laid the foundation, ensuring that every user was instantly familiarized with what Finvi.com stood for upon landing on the site. The user experience design then took the baton, ensuring each visitor’s journey was smooth, intuitive, and value-packed.

But the real magic was in the engine that powered this digital beast – WordPress. Its flexibility ensured that the site was a living entity, evolving and growing. And when coupled with the potent content management system, it ensured that Finvi.com’s voice was loud, clear, and current.

In a domain where trust is paramount, Finvi.com’s new website is not just a source of information but a beacon of reliability and expertise. The project stands as a testament to the wonders that can be achieved when web branding, user experience design, WordPress, and an efficient CMS come together in perfect harmony.

Great Web Team

Collaborating with this web design team was a revelation. Their unmatched expertise, coupled with a genuine passion for bringing our vision to life, resulted in a website that surpassed our highest expectations. A seamless fusion of creativity and functionality, their work has set a new standard for us!


Their platform is supported by amazing technologies – Finvi Payments, Omnichannel Engagement, AI & Machine Learning.


Consensus Interactive’s information architecture team delivered on a number of fronts. Utilizing an atomic approach and best-in-class software (Figma and Notism), Consensus Interactive delivered navigational models, wireframes and a robust content strategy around features, data and adherence.


Our interaction design process is an iterative collaboration that delivers the right user experience for our clients and their user. Our process begins with client in-take sessions so we can gain a clear picture of the users and their goals. For Finvi, Consensus Interactive delivered a complete online experience including a unique video and demo experience.


Consensus Technology team chose WordPress and WP Engine as perfect solutions to Finvi’s needs. The users can experience multiple interfaces while the content administrators work from a single administration panel.

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