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Easy Mortgage

//Easy Mortgage

Easy Mortgage

Easy Mortgage

Refactoring and Designing a New Experience – Easy Mortgage and Consensus Interactive came together to achieve one goal – create a mortgage calculator experience unlike anything on the market.

With its expanding network of clients, Easy Mortgage needed to create a powerful, but simplified mortgage experience. Powered by React, the experience uses filters, facets and real-time calculations to help users find the right mortgage product – one keystroke at a time.

The result is an incredibly efficient, user-centered experience, with results that change in real-time as the user enters more information.

In addition to delivering a one-of-a-kind experience, our tiled design allowed us to display all the critical information about each mortgage opportunity on the calculation pages, including multiple mortgage types, specialties, and most important: an allocation of your payments.

[wr_vc_biographys][wr_vc_biography data_title=”Client :”]Easy Mortgage[/wr_vc_biography][wr_vc_biography data_title=”Project Type :”]Application Design[/wr_vc_biography][wr_vc_biography data_title=”Services :”]Research, UX, Development[/wr_vc_biography][wr_vc_biography data_title=”Technologies :”]React, PHP[/wr_vc_biography][/wr_vc_biographys]
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