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MediSafe.com Web Design Project: Navigating the Digital Healthcare Landscape

Founded in 2018, Medisafe is the leading medication engagement platform that empowers patients to seamlessly manage their treatment. Their Digital Drug Companion platform is supported by four amazing technologies – Just-in-Time-Interventions (JITI)™, Medisafe Maestro, Care Integration Engine and Real-World Data Insights. For Medisafe, the Consensus team focused on web branding, content strategy and migration, an amazing new user experience, personalization and marketing conversation.

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Project Details

This project stands as a testament to the brilliance achievable when web branding, user experience design, the versatility of WordPress, and an efficient content management system come together. In the vast digital healthcare horizon, MediSafe.com shines brighter, reinforcing its commitment to excellence and care with each click.

Medisafe - Web Design and Digital Transformation


The healthcare sector thrives on trust, precision, and accessibility. For MediSafe.com, a vanguard in digital healthcare solutions, translating these tenets into a robust online presence was paramount. This case study sheds light on MediSafe.com’s ambitious web redesign project, encapsulating the intertwining of web branding, user experience design, WordPress’s dynamism, and a robust content management system.

MediSafe.com, with its state-of-the-art healthcare solutions, enjoyed an unwavering reputation in the industry. However, as they expanded their offerings, the need for a website that mirrored their commitment to excellence became evident. The digital rejuvenation journey was about to begin.

Phase 1: Web Branding – Tailoring a Digital Identity

The starting point was to infuse the website with a distinct identity that resonated with MediSafe.com’s ethos.

Branding Essentials:

• Identity: A revamped logo, contemporary yet rooted in trust, became the face of the digital initiative.
• Digital Palettes: Colors, typography, and graphics were meticulously chosen to evoke feelings of safety, innovation, and reliability.
• Brand Guidelines: A set of coherent web branding guidelines that would be the cornerstone for all design decisions.

Phase 2: User Experience Design – Simplifying Complexities

In healthcare, information needs to be lucid and readily accessible. Hence, MediSafe.com’s UX design aimed to curate fluid user journeys.

UX Methodologies:

• Streamlined Information Architecture: Grouping related services and ensuring quick navigation.
• Patient-Centric Design: Prioritizing needs, from appointment bookings to accessing medical resources.
• Feedback Integration: Implementing mechanisms to gather user input for perpetual refinement.

A blueprint that placed the user at its core, promising uncompromised ease of navigation.

Phase 3: WordPress – The Digital Workhorse

Given MediSafe.com’s diverse offerings and the need for flexibility, WordPress emerged as the ideal platform.

WordPress Implementation:

• Adaptive Themes: Leveraging responsive themes that catered to MediSafe’s diverse user base.
• Dynamic Plugins: Extending website functionality, from patient portals to live chat support, ensuring users always had a helping hand.

Phase 4: Enabling a Strong Content Management System (CMS)

The dynamic nature of healthcare necessitated a system where MediSafe.com could swiftly update content.

CMS Essentials:

Seamless Integration with WordPress: Unifying content and design without a hitch.
Real-Time Updates: Enabling MediSafe.com to post critical health advisories, updates, and resources in a timely manner.
Content Classification: Harnessing tools that allowed easy categorization of a vast array of medical resources.

A vibrant website, pulsating with real-time updates, positioning MediSafe.com as a beacon of current and reliable healthcare information.

The transformed MediSafe.com website was more than just a visual treat; it was a digital embodiment of their mission to provide safe, innovative, and accessible healthcare solutions.

The web branding ensured every visitor felt a connection, an implicit promise of care and innovation. The meticulous user experience design further solidified this bond, making each user’s journey smooth and intuitive.

But the real marvel was the seamless blend of WordPress and the CMS. The dynamic duo ensured that while the front end radiated trust and innovation, the back end was a powerhouse of efficiency and agility.

Patients, stakeholders, and medical professionals alike found in the new MediSafe.com a platform that wasn’t just informative but also empathetic. It catered to their diverse needs, whether making appointments, accessing medical research, or simply seeking advice.

Great Web Team

Working with Consensus was a transformative experience that surpassed our highest expectations. From the outset, their commitment to understanding our vision and objectives paved the way for a collaborative partnership. The team's exceptional blend of creativity, technical acumen, and meticulous attention to detail resulted in a digital presence that truly embodies our brand's essence and values.


Their Digital Drug Companion platform is supported by four amazing technologies – Just-in-Time-Interventions (JITI)™, Medisafe Maestro, Care Integration Engine and Real-World Data Insights.


Consensus Interactive’s information architecture team delivered on a number of fronts. Utilizing an atomic approach and best-in-class software (Figma and Notism), Consensus Interactive delivered navigational models, wireframes and a robust content strategy around features, data and adherence.


Our interaction design process is an iterative collaboration that delivers the right user experience for our clients and their user. Our process begins with client in-take sessions so we can gain a clear picture of the users and their goals. For Medisafe, Consensus Interactive delivered a complete online experience including a unique adherence model.


Consensus Technology team chose WordPress and WP Engine as perfect solutions to Medisafe’s needs. The users can experience multiple interfaces while the content administrators work from a single administration panel.

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