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Content Strategy

Web, Media + Social Content Strategy

Consensus’ Content Strategy Team is structured to design, build, and manage end-to-end original content marketing programs for any number of industry verticals. Audiences respond best to emotional triggers and product benefits, so every campaign we create is focused on a set of “Reasons to Believe.”

#01 Campaign and Media Strategies
We know moving customers from awareness to purchase can happen in any number of ways, but fundamentally it depends on a persuasive messaging platform that authentically connects with your target audience.

#02 Social and Display Advertising
We understand that a large part of content and advertising comes through social platforms. This is why we support the implementation of targeted display advertising campaign, by interest group, direct ad buys or retargeting

#03 SEO
Optimizing your digital content for Search Engines is an art, not a science. More than ever before, spreading the word about your product and services means having a comprehensive Search Optimization Strategy in place.

#04 Web Content Development
Our unique approach includes the development of “Reasons to Believe,” a concise presentation of the features & benefits of your products and/or services.

#05 Paid Search
We offer full-service campaign management for paid search campaigns, including messaging strategy and ad copywriting, keyword research and strategic campaign implementation, and ongoing campaign monitoring.

#06 Email and Marketing Automation
Using high-quality marketing automation tools such as Hubspot and Marketo assist in the creation of top-mid funnel marketing to assist in lead generation, lead nurturing, and list management. We also focus on behavior-based lead scoring and dynamic database segmentation.