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Web + App Development

If your app, site or overall digital journey is not a competitive advantage, then why continue to invest in it? Google Firebase, Kentico Cloud, Drupal, WordPress, Sitecore, React or AngularJS – the possibilities are endless when it comes to architecting and designing the right experience for your audience.

#01 Content Management Systems (CMS)
From scalable .Net solutions such as Sitecore or Kentico to lightning-fast Open Source implementations like WordPress of Drupal, we’ve got the technology to meet your challenges.

#02 Mobile Apps

The power of the mobile experience has never been more important to users – Google Firebase, Native development, IONIC, React and Angular – our team is well versed in making your ideas a success.

#03 Headless Apps

Google Firebase, Kentico Cloud, Headless Drupal or WordPress – the sky’s the limit when it comes to decoupling your front end framework from your application and data layers allowing for the creation of robust content hubs

#04 eCommerce

Drupal Commerce, Sitecore Commerce Server, Shopify, WooCommerce for WordPress and Magento – we will support your products’ success.

#05 Personalization

Contextual Personalization? Behavioral Personalization? It is about delivering content, imagery and offers based on a user’s context or behavior

#06 Integrations

At Consensus, integration development and APIs are foundational for the development of scalable and robust experiences.