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Consensus - Boston Digital Agency

Analytics & Insights

Google Analytics, Tableau, KPIs dashboards and tracing the user journey are all key aspects of our analytics work. We review data regularly with expert insights for faster and better decisions, lead generation, prioritization of efforts, and ROI.

Understanding your audience is key. We take time to review site traffic with an emphasis on visitor trends, traffic sources, content review, goals (including conversions), search, and campaign tracking.

Consensus will meet with stakeholders to determine what analytic requirements are needed, outside of what is standard. This will be documented and approved by the stakeholders.

Google Analytics, Data Studio + Tableau
The proper tracking platform will be installed, which will manage the insertion of Analytics, as well as all additional tracking code and individual event tracking.

KPI Dashboards
Custom dashboards will be set up in your Analytics package, reporting out on key metrics as determined by the stakeholder. We will also periodically check in post-launch to highlight key trends.

Optimization Recommendations
When consulting on current metrics and trends, Consensus will offer recommendations for improvements and goal-oriented optimizations.