Our Approach

Users respond best when online experiences communicate with those parts of their brain that control emotions and behaviour.
Boston Digital Agency
Service 1


A review of your site’s current traffic with an emphasis on visitor trends, traffic sources, content review, goals (including conversions), search and campaign tracking. Analytics also includes an evaluation of all related social media properties related to your business.
Service 2


Creative Whether we’re designing a website, mobile app, or content marketing program, our designers thrive on finding new ways to evoke emotion and provoke action through design. Web Branding We dedicate so much of our energy to creating top-notch branding and visual systems that include a creative brief, mission statement, brand essence and personality, logo…
Service 3

Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technologies At Consensus Interactive, we firmly believe that the technology itself should be transparent. If your solution doesn’t behave the way you want it to, it doesn’t matter what language we used to build it. However, it is important to know that behind the scenes, we emphasize best-of-breed coding standards. Our emerging technologies team…
Service 4

User Experience (IA/UX)

Mental models, user flows, prototyping, navigational models, user testing and heuristic evaluations – critical work for emotionally connecting the user interface.
Service 5

Web, Media + Social Content

Web, Media + Social Content Consensus’ Content Strategy approach is structured to design, build, and manage end-to-end original content marketing programs for any number of industry verticals. Audiences respond best to emotional triggers and product benefits, so every campaign we create is focused on a set of “Reasons to Believe.” Campaign and Media Strategies We…
Service 6

Digital Strategy

Based on deep customer insights, audience motivators, emotions and well-designed interactions we develop experiences customers love.
Service 7

Web and App Development

Web + App Development If your app, site or overall digital journey is not a competitive advantage, then why continue to invest in it? Google Firebase, Kentico Cloud, Drupal, WordPress, Sitecore, React or AngularJS – the possibilities are endless when it comes to architecting and designing the right experience for your audience. Content Management Systems…