Spajour (NBC)

27 January, 2022
Boston Digital Agency

Project Details

Online Application Experience

Designed by Consensus, Spajour is a one-stop shop for booking beauty with ease: hair, nails, massage, and more. makes it easy to get an instant, geo-targeted reservation for beauty services in 14 major cities.

With the high-end design and straightforward user interface created by Consensus, this site concept leverages a massive database of salons and spas to find and make an appointment nearby, all based on geo-targeting and the time of day.

“In designing a site for busy women, we knew it had to be easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and highly functional. The large location-based background imagery is instantly engaging and establishes the user’s desired spa service location. We chose a rich maroon color as a base for the site’s design because it’s warm and inviting, and it just feels luxurious, exactly how we want the user to feel when she’s using Spajour,” says James Burke, head of UX for Consensus.

Four key principles guided our design process:

1) Design around a vibrant color scheme
2) Incorporate current and unexpected photography
3) Integrate unique UI trends throughout the experience
4) Create a fully responsive experience

Implementing these key points, combined with using advanced reservation and booking technology was a top priority when creating Spajour, which was a proof-of-concept project developed as part of a Comcast/NBCU corporate leadership program.


NBC Universal
Project Type
UX/Conceptual Design
Research, UX, Design