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The inventors and their Co-Founders Ian and Andrew built out a team of engineers, developers, and pathfinders who aspire to enable the world to change. Inspiring talent to join the journey and growing the IOTICS community of visionary customers, partners, investors and collaborators.

IOTICS is a leader in interoperable technology, which is the biggest evolution of data management since relational databases. This technology will underpin future digital transformation projects…enabling companies to integrate their data streams much more easily, securely and flexibly, and at any level of scale.

For IOTICS, the Consensus team focused on creating an experience that simultaneously supports visitors and developers.

Site features include:

  • Dynamic Design – use of product imagery showcasing their amazing product
  • Content Strategy – focus on differentiating value proposition and “reasons to believe”
  • Content Management – the ability for administrators to fully manage the site
  • Site administration – an overhaul of the site’s administration area
  • SEO Focused – the creation of a highly indexed site for organic SEO

[wr_vc_biographys info_column=”pr-list_inline_off”][wr_vc_biography data_title=”Client :”]House Big[/wr_vc_biography][wr_vc_biography data_title=”Project Type :”]Web Redesign[/wr_vc_biography][wr_vc_biography data_title=”Services :”]Content Strategy, UX, Creative, Development[/wr_vc_biography][wr_vc_biography data_title=”Technologies :”]WordPress, Google Maps[/wr_vc_biography][/wr_vc_biographys]
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