A new name and identity for ground breaking software for veterinary practice management.
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Project Description

IDEXX Laboratories is the leader in veterinary diagnostics and IT solutions. It was only appropriate the launch of the product IDEXX Neo, a ground breaking software for veterinary practice management, had it’s own distinguished website.

In April 2015, Consensus was tasked with launching a new product alongside IDEXX and all that encompasses a new brand to market. This included iterations of product naming, logo design, typography, color palette, and overall mood and tone of the website which emulates the Neo product.

In a business space where change is not embraced, it was crucial to convince potential buyers why IDEXX Neo should be the only option. This is a cloud-based software that is secure, backed by IDEXX, an affordable option that is easy to switch from current softwares. Once visitors arrive on the site, it is necessary to not only state a claim, but to show the product in action. This is achieved in two main ways.

  1. By encouraging users to sign up for a trial in multiple entry points throughout the website. This then guides users to an on-brand styled HubSpot landing page to capture all leads.
  2. Designing a unique, fun and catchy animation that captivates the audience. The animation ends with the main call-to-action where you are able to click to start the trial right from the video!

Main features of this website creation include:

  • Product naming and branding
  • PHP based content management system
  • HubSpot integration for lead generation
  • Custom social brand animation
  • Paid search advertisement campaign


Project Details

Project Begin:June 2015
Project End:September 2015
  • The Consensus team is absolutely fantastic!

    T2 BioSystems
  • Congratulations to the Consensus team on a fantastic launch of Tufts Health Plan..

    Brian Colorado
  • I have to admit I was always skeptical of working with agencies… it took all of 1 second to realize I HAVE TO WORK WITH CONSENSUS!!!

    Kristen C.

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