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Harvard Medicine Magazine Digital Marketing Campaign

Creating a messaging platform and campaign creative for Harvard Medicine Magazine’s print and digital display ad campaign.
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Project Description

For the relaunch of its tablet app, Harvard Medicine Magazine asked us to develop the messaging strategy and creative for a print and display ad campaign.

Audience Profile
Our first step was to develop a full understanding of our target audience. Based on our own research and stakeholder interviews we created an audience profile: busy, far-flung medical professionals who are eager to stay up-to-date with the research and innovative work coming out of Harvard Medical School. Based on our research, we knew the audience to be heavy tablet users as well.

Audience Touchpoints
We also needed to understand where the creative would appear — how would our target audience interact with the creative? Since the ads would be appearing in industry publications, the print version of Harvard Medicine Magazine, and it’s own website, we knew our creative needed to showcase the brand and the benefits of the product we were trying to promote.

Ideation & Creative
From there, our team of copy writers, researchers and designers worked together, conducting ideation sessions both internally and with the client. Our goal was to create a message platform that would promote the tablet app in a smart, playful manner that highlighted the benefits of the tablet app to our target audience. Since we wanted to go beyond creating awareness and move our audience to simply download the app, we needed a message that was clever, fun and easy; a message our audience would want to be associated with: “Same Medicine, Double the Potency.”

Visual Direction
We created a stunning set of visual assets integrating one of the magazine’s most popular covers with direct calls to action to download the app. We used red as our highlight and call-to-action color, since studies have shown it stimulates action and consistently works well as a CTA color online. And of course, to maximize trust and recognition, integrated the Harvard Medicine School logo across all ad creative, which included standard IAB digital ad units, print advertisements for industry publications and print belly bands.

Fundamentally, our goal for this digital and print display ad campaign was simple: use gorgeous visuals, strong CTAs and language that connected with our audience to drive downloads of the new tablet app.

Project Details

Client:Harvard Medical School
Project Begin:Spring 2015
Project End:Winter 2015
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