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EtaPRO – New Company Launch

EtaPRO is a new company of asset performance and condition monitoring experts. With 30+ years of experience helping global organizations improve the performance of their equipment and assets, trust EtaPRO® to deliver superior asset optimization strategies with our leading performance and condition monitoring solutions.

Consensus focused on online branding and UX for this new organization supported by the following services:

  • Brand Identity
  • Interface Design
  • Content Mapping and Migration
  • React Development
  • WordPress
Project Roadmap
Brand Identity
Consensus focused on brand identity, making EtaPRO recognizable at a glance. Recognized brands get clicked on more in SERP and on social media.
Information Architecure
Consensus Interactive’s information architecture team delivered on a number of fronts. Utilizing an atomic approach and best-in-class software (Figma and Notism), Consensus Interactive delivered navigational models, wireframes and a robust content strategy around features, data and adherence.
Interface Design
For EtaPRO, the Consensus team created a new application platform utilizing WordPress’s API technology. It combined the power of React to deliver a high-impact interactive piece developed specifically for web and mobile devices.
Development - WordPress
The Consensus Technology team chose React and WordPress as perfect solutions to EtaPRO’s challenge. The Consensus team created a branded experience as a way to illustrate their products and services.
Date : 01.25.2023
Client : EtaPRO
Industry : Manufacturing
Services : Research
Technologies : React
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