"What does my baby see?" The BabySee Infant Vision Simulator App allows new moms, dads, and grandparents alike to see the world through their baby's eyes from infancy through age 3.
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Project Description

The BabySee Infant Vision Simulator App allows new moms, dads, and grandparents alike to see the world through their baby’s eyes from infancy through age 3.

Using state-of-the-art technology and research from leading opthamologists at Boston Children’s Hospital, the app allows families to take a photo and see how that photo looks to their baby at any age.  Plus, it delivers detailed information about their baby’s next visit, along with reminders to schedule an appointment.

With this app, parents can be more connected to their baby’s growth and development, discovering each day how their child’s vision is changing. The useful “EyeQ” feature helps parents understand the science behind eye disorders, vision exams, and malformations, so they can know what questions to ask each time they visit the doctor.

“Becoming a new mom or dad can be such a magical experience, even as it’s overwhelming. We built BabySee to capture that magic, but also to make it easier for moms and dads to connect with their pediatrician and take charge of their baby’s care,” said Stephanie Wagle, Director of Digital Strategy for Consensus Boston.

The Consensus team was very fortunate to work with the team at Boston Children’s Hospital to design this cutting edge mobile app for parents and families.


Project Details

Project Begin:May 2015
Project End:August 2015

Project Success

Top Apple Rating and extending the company's brand.
  • The Consensus team is absolutely fantastic!

    T2 BioSystems
  • Congratulations to the Consensus team on a fantastic launch of Tufts Health Plan..

    Brian Colorado
  • I have to admit I was always skeptical of working with agencies… it took all of 1 second to realize I HAVE TO WORK WITH CONSENSUS!!!

    Kristen C.

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