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IDEXX SNAP Social Animation

We created the IDEXX SNAP Social Animation to capture VetTechs’ attention on Facebook and drive awareness of the SNAP Test’s superiority.

When IDEXX wanted to drive awareness of its SNAP Test’s superiority, they asked us to create an animation targeting the VetTechs who would use the test. Since the animation would run only on Facebook, we knew it needed to stand-out, but still remain completely on-brand.

The VetTech audience is unique — they are on the front lines of animal care. Which means they are busy, deeply connected to the animals in their care, and cleaning up their unfair share of messes. With our clear understanding of our VetTech audiencve, we knew our animation needed to be edgy, humorous, smart and short.  And of course, still  authoritatively communicate the superior science behind the SNAP test.

Our creative team played on SNAP’s “amplify” benefit and took a rock ‘n roll approach, creating a short animation that stood out on social media. Clever illustrations paired with succinct explanations of SNAP’s ELISA technology produced outstanding results. In fact, the campaign performed so well, we were able to repurpose the creative into an email campaign with similarly outstanding results.

Watch the video below.




    January 2016


    Video/Animation + Content Marketing

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