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IDEXX Cornerstone Brand Video

We created the IDEXX Cornerstone Video to help establish a deeper connection between the brand and the Cornerstone user community.

IDEXX Cornerstone is the leading practice management software in the veterinary medicine space.  When IDEXX was getting ready to release an upgrade of the software, they asked us to create a video to energize its large user community and create excitement around the coming enhancements.

Upgrading enterprise-level software is always a big ask, especially for veterinary practices that are focused mainly on delivering quality care for their patients. So our video needed to go way beyond a list of benefits and features; it needed to connect emotionally. It needed to make vets feel that getting the Cornerstone upgrade would connect them to the larger veterinary community and to IDEXX itself.

The upgrade was built with feedback from over 2,000 users. So it only made sense to feature those users and their practices, along with the IDEXX engineers who turned that feedback into tangible enhancements.

We filmed the video on-site at 5 locations across the U.S., including on-site at IDEXX headquarters where we shot the CEO promoting the benefits of being a Cornerstone customer. To top it all off, we ended the video with a mass shot of the many IDEXX employees who had contributed to the upgrade, as a way to say “thank you” to the entire Cornerstone community.

Our final product includes:

– HD Video Production

– On-location shooting at 5 locations in the US

– Clean, perfectly on-brand visual system

Watch the video below.




    February 2017


    Video/Animation + Content Marketing

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